Summer Research Fellowship Programme of India's Science Academies

Polyphasic characterization of Salinicoccus sp. JC 660

Shilja Sajeevan

Cochin University of Science and Technology, 682022, Kalamassery

Dr. Sasikala C H

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kukatpally, Hyderabad 500085


Salinicoccus sp. JC 660 is a gram positive cocci belonging to the family staphylococcacea. Strain JC660 has ability to form crystals when grown in medium containing sodium chloride. The bacterium forms salmon coloured colonies (in nutrient agar) and differed from the closest phylogenetic neighbour Salinicoccus halitifaciens in many aspects like requirement of sodium chloride for growth, pH, temperature etc. Polar lipids were found to include diphosphatidyl glycerol, phosphatidyl glycerol. The major fatty acids are anteiso-C15:0 ,iso-C15:0,anteiso-C17:0 and isoC-17:0

Keywords: Salinicoccus, diphosphatidyl glycerol, phosphatidyl glycerol

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