Summer Research Fellowship Programme of India's Science Academies

Ultra high resolution optical coherence tomography

Aishwarya C B

International School of Photonics, Cusat, Kochi, Kerala 682022

Dr. K Divakar Rao

BARC, Visakhapatnam


Optical Coherence Tomography is a noncontact three dimensional optical imaging modality that has been very successful in biomedical imaging. Conventional OCT resolutions are typically 10 micrometers but Ultra-high resolution OCY ensures an axial resolution down to 1 micrometer. The project aims at the analysis of ultra-high resolution optical coherence tomography (UHR-OCT). A review of light sources of UHR-OCT has been undertaken and the experiment to test axial resolution was conducted using both warm white LED and tungsten halogen lamp as light sources. Preliminary demonstrations of ultra-high resolution OCT axial scans were presented.

‚Äč Keywords: ultra-high resolution optical coherence tomography, broad bandwidth light sources, warm white LED.

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