Summer Research Fellowship Programme of India's Science Academies

Electrochem- a Graphical User Interface using MATLAB


PSGR Krishnammal College For Women, Coimbatore

Dr. Padmesh A

Indian Institute Of Technology, Palakkad


Electrochem- a Graphical User Interface(GUI) using MATLAB, a tool for learning Electrochemistry. A student-friendly and open source GUI which mainly focus on make education easy, deepen understanding and an aid for conceptual learning. Often students find that Electrochemistry is difficult to learn because of the abstract nature of the concept and find difficulty to transform the process into chemical formulae and equations symbolically. Through this tool we can provide better insight into the flow of ions in electrolyte and electrons in electrode. Electrochem can be used without any preknowledge of programming language and limited knowledge of electrochemistry. One need to justify anode and cathode from an array. Depending on the E0 value of electrode, GUI will display cell type, Spontaneity of process, oxidation, reduction and overall reaction. Another advantage is that Nernst equation can be calculated for a cell by giving concentration of reactants and products by user defined. In addition, its application can be extended towards the determination of ionic concentrations, to calculate potential of an ion of charges ”z”across a membrane, the way atmospheric oxygen governs the composition of many redox systems connected with biological activity, solubility products, potentiometric titration, pH measurements.

Keywords: electrochemistry, MATLAB, Graphical User Interface (GUI), cell reactions

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