Summer Research Fellowship Programme of India's Science Academies

Improvements for front-end VLC Receiver

Basavaraj R Sunagad

The National Institute of Engineering, Mysore 570008

Prof. Rajesh Sundaresan

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560012


As conventional communication techniques are reaching their limits in terms of bandwidth and efficiency, there is a need to look for a new way of communication with higher bandwidth and higher efficiency. As the demand for higher data rates increases, it puts a strain on orthodox means of data communication. In most cases, the limiting factor for high data rates tends to be the bandwidth of the system. Signi´Čücant research efforts have been made towards eliminating this drawback of traditional systems while not causing any degradation in the quality of service. This has led to exploring the unused regions of the electromagnetic spectrum to make the switch from RF spectrum and its limited bandwidth. Using visible light as a medium of communication is ideal due to its seemingly infinite bandwidth. Such a method of communication where visible light itself is a medium for data transfer is called Visible Light Communication (VLC).

Keywords: Photodiode, Transimpedance amplifier, Junction capacitance .

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