Summer Research Fellowship Programme of India's Science Academies


Sushil Kumar

NIT Calicut 673601, Kerala 673601

Dr M. Ravi Kumar

Director General, Institue of Seismological Research, Gandhinagar 382009


Earthquake is the sudden shaking of the surface of earth that causes damage to life and property. Damage to man-made structures puts millions of lives at stake in case of an earthquake. Therefore, an effort was made to study the effects of seismic events (i.e. earthquake) on structures. In this work, different types, features and factors affecting seismic performance of structures were examined/discussed in detail.

The basics of faults, seismic waves, magnitude and intensity of earthquakes were studied. The research on different types of structures such as Reinforced Concrete (RC), brick masonry, stone masonry and steel structures were studied in detail in consideration of the seismic safety point of view, which includes the critical structural elements, load distribution path and the effects of the seismic forces on the respective building typology. Various types of load-acting on the structure were also cognized. Critical features affecting the seismic performance of structures (such as pounding, setback, horizontal layout, reentrant corners, soft storey, heavy overhang, short column) were studied, while identification of these features in relation to the respective building type in the real world was also explored.

This study aims at assessing the risks due to earthquakes in Vasna, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. An attempt has been made in this study to visualize the distribution of the probable risk. For this purpose, Rapid Visual Screening (RVS) was carried out on 54 buildings in Vasna. The area for survey was selected on basis of the past earthquake damage observed in Ahmedabad during the Bhuj earthquake in 2001.  The structural and non-structural features of the buildings were recorded. The average RVS score of the surveyed buildings was found to be 61.037 and the range of RVS scores was from 25 to 115, which suggests that these buildings may be moderately vulnerable to earthquakes. The RVS score of these structures reveal that in general, the buildings are of moderate to good quality but may require detailed evaluation to further quantify the vulnerability of buildings in Vasna, Ahmedabad.

Keywords: pounding, RVS, Soft storey, Reentrant corners, FEMA, HVRA

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