Summer Research Fellowship Programme of India's Science Academies

Speed Control of Induction Motor using Solid State Device


Madras Institute of Technology, Chennai, Tamil Nadu


Director Research, Wainganga College of Engineering and Management, Nagpur


Induction motors are very popular in most of the industrial and domestic applications because they are robust, require less maintenance and are cheap. At present, in most of the applications, AC machines are preferable over DC machines due to their simple and most robust construction without any mechanical commutators. Induction motors are the most widely used motors for appliances like industrial control and automation. As far as the machine efficiency, robustness, reliability, durability, power factor, ripples, stable output voltage and torque are concerned, three-phase induction motors stand at the top of the order. Motor control is a significant, but often ignored portion of embedded applications. Almost in all the applications there is a drastic move away from analogue motor control to precision digital control of motors using different processors. Digital control of induction motors results in much more efficient operation of the motor, resulting in longer life and lower power dissipation. Although various induction motor control techniques are in practice today, the most popular control technique is generating variable frequency supply, which has constant voltage to frequency ratio.

Keywords: Induction motor, speed control, voltage to frequency ratio.

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