Summer Research Fellowship Programme of India's Science Academies

The interleukin-6 expression in Japanese encephalitis virus-infected human microglial cells

Author - Rinkal Sundriyal, G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology

Guide - Sunit K. Singh, BHU, Varanasi

The effect of Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) on seed germination and seedling growth of Cyamopsis tetragonoloba (Guar)

Author - Prerna Joshi, G. B. Pant University of Agriculture & Technology, Pantnagar

Guide - Kothari S.L., Amity University, Jaipur

Synthesis of metallaboranes of early transition metals


Guide - Sundargopal Ghosh, IIT, Chennai

Deciphering nutrient stress for production of biofuel precursors in Selenastrum capricornutum UTEX 1648

Author - Niranjana Roy, Manipal School of Life Sciences

Guide - Pavan Jutur, ICGEB, New Delhi

Screening of different Mammalian cancer cell lines for Mycoplasma and Human Papillomavirus infection

Author - Smriti Sneh Verma, BANASTHALI VIDYAPITH

Guide - Alok Chandra Bharti, UOD, Delhi

Role of frequently found p53 Gain-of-function mutations in ovarian carcinoma in inducing stemness

Author - Bidisha Dey, Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology

Guide - Susanta Roychoudhury, SGCCRI, Kolkata

Assessment of NF-κB expression in monocytic cell line

Author - Yashasvi Rao, Dr. Ambedkar College Nagpur

Guide - Prasenjit Guchhait, RCB, Gurgaon

Fairness in blockchain

Author - Sriram B, College of Engineering Guindy - Anna University

Guide - Pandu Rangan C., IIT, Chennai

Characterization of the virulence factors of Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains from corneal infection

Author - Nivetha M, University of Hyderabad

Guide - Sanhita Roy, LVPEI, Hyderabad